Why your Support will make a Difference

Program evaluators in Canada have recognized the value that a charitable organization can play in supporting students in our profession. Please consider joining us by making a gift to CESEF.

We offer a variety of programs, sponsorship and partnership opportunities for the development and delivery of programs and activities to support and assist Canadian program evaluators. The role and scope of practice of a program evaluator in Canada can be varied. We hope that the range and flexibility of our initiatives will meet the needs of those studying and practicing in the field.


If you have any questions, require further information or wish to discuss any related issues, please contact us at


Thank you to all who support the education of program evaluators.



Canadian Evaluation Society Educational Fund

Why would I donate to CESEF? 

As an individual donor, I would:

  • Help others obtain evaluation capacity.
  • Build a charitable receipt for income tax purposes.
  • Provide a vehicle to meet the evaluation needs that we jointly recognize as being important
  • Provide a degree of visibility for those who wish to have their support recognized.

As a firm, I would:

  • Give a donation in an area of special need on capacity development.
  • Support mentorships for designated audiences (International, Aboriginal, Nor-For-Profit, and others).
  • Support the expansion of teaching capacity in evaluation to foster diversification in training
  • Affiliate with a valued social and political cause
  • Participate in the activities and development of CESEF.

If you wish to donate to CESEF, there are many options available. Please visit the "Donations from individuals and organizations" sub-section to learn more.

Workplace Charitable Campaign Donations

Did you know that you can contribute to CESEF through the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC)? At the bottom of the GCWCC donations form there is a section (Box C, Other Canadian Registered Charities) in which you would simply indicate the name and number of the Fund and the amount that you would like to contribute (charity number 12276 9094 RR0001). 

The CESEF is an independent organization created by the Canadian Evaluation Society in 1990 and reorganized in 2005 to increase national assessment capacity through educational activities. In 2006, CESEF was officially registered as a Canadian charity.

The Fund maintains partnerships with the Canadian Evaluation Society and the Consortium of Universities for Evaluation Education to promote the shared goal of developing the area of program evaluation by increasing access to education, training and professional development.

We invite interested people, potential partners, students and evaluation specialists to send us their comments and suggestions.

Contact Details

Contact the secretariat at the following address:
Shirley Trowbridge
Telephone: 613.722.8796
Fax: 613.729.6206

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