Description of Membership

CESEF Members form a community of support for development of access to educational opportunities in program evaluation. Members:

  • Benefit Canadians through improved policies and programs.
  • Desire to support the younger generation and those in less advantaged positions.
  • Enhanced career development.
  • Improved depth and capacity of personnel in the field of evaluation.

Canadian Evaluation Society Educational Fund (CESEF) is a not-for-profit (Industry Canada incorporation) registered charitable organization (the Charities Directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency registration # 12276 9094 RR0001).  The CESEF Board has voted to have one category of membership. No receipts are issued for memberships.

Why would I become a member of CESEF?

  • To show support for education in evaluation.
  • To participate in the decision-making and development of educational opportunities for evaluators.

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