CESEF Postgraduate Scholarship Program

The Canadian Evaluation Society Educational Fund (CESEF) is pleased to launch its Postgraduate Scholarship Program and is currently inviting applications for the Postgraduate Scholarship Program.

The Postgraduate Scholarship Program seeks to support the development of theory and practice of program evaluation by facilitating access to education and training to those working in or wishing to work in the field of program evaluation. In doing so, the CESEF will provide one-time, non-renewable, 12-month awards, valued at $5,000 in hopes to increase the supply of qualified evaluators who can benefit Canadian society through their careers in evaluation.

Although CESEF’s objectives are specific to program evaluation, the objectives of this Scholarship Program are meant to be broader than just program evaluation, and are meant to:

  • Support Graduate students in evaluation to develop research skills while undertaking graduate learning
  • Increase Graduate students’ capacity to:
    • learn about evaluation theory and practice;
    • build the capacity to acquire the designation of Credentialed Evaluator;
    • and/or pursue careers in evaluation.

To access the online application and related details about the Postgraduate Scholarship Program application process, please contact

The CESEF is an independent organization created by the Canadian Evaluation Society in 1990 and reorganized in 2005 to increase national assessment capacity through educational activities. In 2006, CESEF was officially registered as a Canadian charity.

The Fund maintains partnerships with the Canadian Evaluation Society and the Consortium of Universities for Evaluation Education to promote the shared goal of developing the area of program evaluation by increasing access to education, training and professional development.

We invite interested people, potential partners, students and evaluation specialists to send us their comments and suggestions.

Contact Details

Contact the secretariat at the following address:
Shirley Trowbridge
Telephone: 613.722.8796
Fax: 613.729.6206

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