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The Canadian Evaluation Society Educational Fund (CESEF) is an independent organization that was originally created by the Canadian Evaluation Society in 1990 and reorganized in 2005 to improve national capacity for evaluation through educational activities.  In 2006, it became officially registered as a Canadian Charity.

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CESEF Members form a community of support for development of access to educational opportunities in program evaluation. 


  • Benefit Canadians through improved policies and programs.
  • Desire to support the younger generation and those in less advantaged positions.
  • Enhanced career development.
  • Improved depth and capacity of personnel in the field of evaluation.
Your membership fee of $25 per year helps to support students from around Canada in pursuing an education in evaluation.  

Why would I become a member of CESEF?

  • To show support for education in evaluation.
  • To participate in the decision-making and development of educational opportunities for evaluators.


Donations can also be used to support any or all of the CESEF programs.  You have the option to specify how your donation will be spent from CESEF’s list of programs and funds. 

We offer CESEF scholarships to Masters program students in an evaluation field.  

Your donation can be reserved for this new program, or for any of the familiar CESEF programs such as the Educational Assistance Awards or the SEEK Award.  

Of course, if you choose not to specify a program or fund, then CESEF has greater flexibility to allocate funds where they are needed.

Canadian Evaluation Society Educational Fund (CESEF) is a not-for-profit (Industry Canada incorporation) registered charitable organization (the Charities Directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency registration # 12276 9094 RR0001).  The CESEF Board has voted to have one category of membership. No receipts are issued for memberships.

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The CESEF is an independent organization created by the Canadian Evaluation Society in 1990 and reorganized in 2005 to increase national assessment capacity through educational activities. In 2006, CESEF was officially registered as a Canadian charity.

The Fund maintains partnerships with the Canadian Evaluation Society and the Consortium of Universities for Evaluation Education to promote the shared goal of developing the area of program evaluation by increasing access to education, training and professional development.

We invite interested people, potential partners, students and evaluation specialists to send us their comments and suggestions.

Contact Details

Contact the secretariat at the following address:
Shirley Trowbridge
Telephone: 613.722.8796
Fax: 613.729.6206

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